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Updated: Nov 16

We all know him from his popular show,

it made his career grow.

I've been watching "Friends" since I was 8,

from every episode can quote every word,

I'll say them outloud so I'm heard

To strangers he was known as Chandler Bing,

but if you called him Matty,

close friendship you would bring

My favorite thing is to make people laugh,

but if you don't, I feel like I've been cut in half

Matthew Perry felt that way,

he just passed though, so I'm feeling extra gray.

I knew from his memoir he was in such pain,

never got better & he was left with blood stains

It took so much courage to share his story,

I know he helped people in many categories.

He made a lot of bad days better for me,

& he brought me lots of glee.

I'd love to say thank you to him,

but his life went for a dark swim.

I can't believe he's gone,

I'm left so sad, that you can count on.


My heart goes out to the cast,

I haven't stop thinking of them since he passed.

I was nervous for their statements to come out,

would make this feel more real,

& I didn't want to be left in a drought.

He's the first to go from his family of 6,

I feel like I've been hit with heavy bricks.

I didn't know him personally,

but I'm sitting here with such grief,

he filled my mind with such relief.

I can't imageine what this is like for them,

his death must left them feeling numb.

They were part of eachother's DNA,

all i can do for them is pray.

I hope Matty was taken out of his pain,

& an angel in heaven was gained.

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