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The Today Counts Show

Episode 34: Overcoming Perfectionism

Jim Piper not only welcomes his guest Bella Sirpilla to the show but also his guest co-host Erin Porteous! Bella shares how her drive and obsession to be perfect eventually became too much to handle. Ultimately leading to struggles with depression and self doubt. Her struggles with mental health eventually led her to a better understanding of herself and a new direction for her life.  Bella now works as the marketing director and buyer for Laura of Pembroke, a home furnishings and interior design company.  She is also a public speaker sharing her message of positivity and self awareness.


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Well-Yes! Podcast

Episode 160: Overcoming Perfectionism & Turning Vulnerability into a Strength

On the Well-Yes! Podcast, Bella Sirpilla discusses a range of important topics that are crucial for personal growth and happiness. She delves into the challenges of overcoming perfectionism and negative self-talk, emphasizing the importance of stepping fully into self-love and embracing one's purpose. Bella highlights the significance of self-awareness in driving personal growth, encouraging listeners to strive for constant improvement, even if it is just a 1% change each day. Overall, Bella offers empowering advice and perspectives on various aspects of personal development and well-being through her discussions on the Well-Yes! Podcast.

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