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Inspire Leadership Conference


Bella was a Keynote Speaker at Authenica's Inspire Leadership Conference in June of 2022. She shared her story with 200 influential women and discussed how her internal struggles with perfectionism ultimately led her down the wrong career path. 

Bella chose to leave The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 2020. She was lost, but mainly broken. Being away from school gave her time for self reflection and an examination of her own self worth. The last couple years of Bella's life have been difficult, but a time of great significance and growth.

Watch Bella's speech:

She Elevates Academy


Bella had the opportunity to speak at the She Elevates Academy where their mission is to empower young girls to become confident leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.


Bella spoke to the girls about her personal experience with perfectionism & struggling to find confidence. She emphasized the importance of positive self talk at a young age and becoming aware of how we speak to ourselves.


Bella finished the talk with writing "I am" statements and the girls were so great with participating and giving great answers! Bella gave them sticky notes to write the "I am" statements that they felt they needed to be reminded of & she encouraged them to put their sticky notes on their mirrors or a place where they will see them every day! 

Immaculate Conception & St. Joseph Parish

Bella is a parishioner at Immaculate Conception & St. Joseph Parish in Chicago, IL. She was asked to give a "witness talk" at church to explain her personal relationship with her faith and her parish. 

Bella is involved in a variety of programs at the Immaculate Conception & St. Joseph. She is a liturgical minster and a lector. Bella feels very blessed to be able to read God's Word in front of her church community during mass. She is also a member of Alpha, a Fellowship Group, and Young Adult Ministry. 


Back To The Future of Excellence


Bella was invited to a retreat presented by Authenica in partnership with The Johnson Foundation in Racine, Wisconsin. The event took place at the former home built for H.F. Johnson Jr. (former President of SC Johnson) and designed by the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Bella joined 35 other executives for a taste of excellence, deep dive conversations, and a variety of experiences developed with a focus on shaping the future. 

Bella had the opportunity to share her story alongside her dear friend, Dana Gill. The two touched on their own personal experiences, the power of friendship, and the importance of asking for help when needed.


La Jolla Excellence


Bella fulfilled a childhood dream while speaking with her father, Johnny Sirpilla, at La Jolla Excellence Leadership Conference in San Diego, California. With the theme Redefining Wellness being featured for this event, Bella & Johnny's respective journeys and resulting epiphanies added rich value, and deep meaning to those who attended.


Bella and Johnny brought forth candor & transparency

 showcasing vulnerability as a great strength and a load of inspiration.


Inspire Leadership Conference


Bella was invited to be a keynote speaker at Inspire Leadership Conference with her father, Johnny Sirpilla, in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 2023.


Johnny has always been Bella's greatest role model, and standing by his side while sharing her thoughts on his book, "Life Is Hard, But I'll Be OK," was so special. It was her first time  speaking publicly about the profound impact his words have had on her and how they've shaped her perspective.

Bella shared how her parents' journey has been nothing short of remarkable. They faced their own hardships with unwavering strength, and in doing so, they imparted invaluable lessons to Bella. Through their example, they taught her how to embrace gratitude and reframe her thoughts during difficult times. Their guidance has been transformative, and she is forever grateful.

Speaking about her own experiences and touching on the profound influence of her parents has been an incredibly special experience. Sharing her story, intertwined with theirs, has brought Bella immense joy. She hopes that by sharing their collective journey, she can inspire others to find strength, resilience, and gratitude in their own lives.

Bella is am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to connect with others through shared experiences. It's a humbling reminder of the power of storytelling and the incredible impact it can have on our lives. As Bella continues on her own path, she is reminded of the importance of cherishing our loved ones, embracing gratitude, and reframing our thoughts during challenging times. Together, we can overcome anything. Life may be hard, but with the right mindset, we'll be okay.

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